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Innovative, Stable, Sustainability, we can make it!

About Ming Chun Machinery

Quality assurance, Good service, Strong technical experience.

MING CHUN MACHINERY LTD is a manufacturer who produces labor saving and hygienic food preparation equipment, located in Taiwan since 1998. We also have two branches, located in Dongguan, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which can provide more high-quality and instant services to domestic and foreign customers.

Ming Chun's Welth Experience

Ming Chun Machinery have wealth of experience in manufacturing food processing machinery almost 30 years, high-quality service and good reputation. Ming Chun Machinery takes the production of safer, stable and high-quality equipment as our corporate goal. We focus user experience like, the convenience of using machine, to design them multiple purposes, easy assembly and replacement of tool parts. That is why we can have higher quality and perfect to meet customer needs. You can quick disassembly and assembly, easy cleaning and operation, the mechanical structure is modularized and durable. Our equipments have full functioning, such as slicing, shredding, dicing, grater, crushing, mincing, stuffing mixing, feed mixing, meat slicing, meat mixing, and big bone cutting. Our R&D team develops new products and keeps up the marketing trends, we specialize in mechanical design and manufacturing , process many kinds of food processing machine, such as Vegetable Dicer, Vegetable chopper, Vegetable Slicer, Vegetable shredder, Food Mixer, Vegetable grinder machine, Vegetable Crusher, Warm and Boneless Meat Cutter, Meat Grinder, Industrial Blender, Tenderizer Machine, Poultry Dicing Machine, Stainless Steel Meat Band Saw.

Who's Ming Chun

Ming Chun has more than 20 years of food processing machinery manufacturing to enhance the durability of knives with professional heat treatment experience. We also insist on the research and development of food processing machines and has more than 40 equipment patents. High-quality service and good reputation have won the Taiwan Excellent Manufacturer Award for decades, and have been highly recognized by customers, such as vegetable cutting and processing, meat cutting and processing, and filling processing.

Ming Chun's Vision

Our goal is becoming top companies in Asia, with the best quality, price, service, complete products, R&D and production lines, to provide excellent service and professional perspective, giving customers the best products, and keeping steady development and sustainable development to operate and grow as the company's philosophy. Outstanding experience and team work allows Ming Chun to accumulate stranger experience in the food processing machinery and maintain a good reputation among customers all over the country, we have been sold to Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries all over the world.
We are looking for distributors, agents, dealers, trading company and buyers. Look forward to having cooperation with you in the nearly future. You are welcome to make a phone call for appointment, come and enjoy the power of the machine.

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Ming Chun Machinery

Large High Speed Dicer Machine Hot

Large High Speed Dicer Machine

High-speed dicer machine can quickly dice vegetables and fruits, widely used as a stand-alone machine.

Multi Veg Cutting Machine Hot

Multi Veg Cutting Machine

Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine can process leafy and rooting vegetables into sliced, shredded, diced(square).

Ex Large Leafy Vegetable Cutter Hot

Ex Large Leafy Vegetable Cutter

High Efficiency Leafy Vegetable Slicing Machine's production capacity is better than other similar model increasing 80%.