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Ming Chun Machinery LTD. is a manufacturer that produces labor-saving and hygienic vegetable and meat processing machines.


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    Commercial Bone Saw For Perfect Cutting Bones, Bone Cutting Machine, Frozen Meat Cutter
    20 Feb, 2023

    This Band Saw Cutting Machine is used in a small space, with a small size and excellent performance. The Bone Saw Machine made as aluminum alloy body, 304 working table, and solid stainless steel saw blade. The model is durable, safe and stable. One machine with multi-purpose cutting, easy to cut all kinds of bones. There are 4 models of commercial bone sawing machines: MG-250/260/325/360.

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    Ming Chun Wish You Happy Lunar New Year
    18 Jan, 2023

    Thanks for always being so supportive to Ming Chun, we couldn't have done it without you. Ming Chun Machinery in Taiwan will be closed for the Lunar New Year holidays on 20 - 29 January, 2023. If you have any inquiry, please email us or inquiry on our website, we'll reply as soon as we back to normal. Happy holidays!

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    Ming Chun New Website Officially Launched
    14 Nov, 2022

    Ming Chun has the spirit of seeking innovation and change, we not only treat rigorous in the food machinery part, but in order to provide global customers with a better web browsing experience, we update the official web page to the form that to meet the browsing trend. If you want to know about the food pre-processing machinery, you are welcome to call or mail to us. Ming Chun's professional team will provide you with the most comprehensive and appropriate service. We very much welcome domestic and foreign dealers, agents, retailers and end customers to contact us.

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    Ming Chun Lunar New Year Holiday Closure Notice
    27 Jan, 2022

    Ming Chun Machinery in Taiwan will be closed for the Lunar New Year holidays on 29 - 31 January, 2022; and 1 - 6 February 2022. If you have any inquiry, please mail us or inquiry on our web, we'll reply as soon as we back to normal. Ming Chun would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your full support throughout the past year, please continued stay by us as always. Thank you very much and happy holidays.

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    Ming Chun new version of Vacuum Meat Tumbling
    10 Nov, 2021

    The vacuum massage machine mainly helps to massage and tenderize pork, fish, chicken, goose, duck and beef with the principle of replacing manpower with machinery. After the meat is kneaded, pounded and threw in the roller, the whole process is controlled by the computer, the meat tenderization effect is achieved in a short time, and the water content of the meat is increased by 20%, make the meat have rich taste.

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    Quickly slicing with waves via Ming Chun machinery
    07 Sep, 2021

    Recommend you Ming Chun MG-805&666 leaf vegetable cutting machine to process immediately. The vegetable cutter has a variety of cutting methods. The automatic vegetable cutter will uses the conveyor belt for feeding and processing, which can quickly cut the ingredients into strips, slices, and even thin as grater via cutters. Ming Chun Machinery will let you have below choices (deference), A-The DC vegetable cutter is a beginner-level version. B-The AC vegetable cutter is a power saving device version.

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    Let's Take A Look Ming Chun's Meat Dicing Machine
    22 Jun, 2021

    The Small Meat processing machine, slicing and shredding machine in one, similar to the mother-child machine, slicing and shredding machine in one. Small meat cutting machine, the upper and lower machines can be separated or used together. Ming Chun meets the needs of the public, we make two-in-one for specific meat processing machine. There is no need to process one more time. It can be shredded(strip) from the top and sliced by the machine below, or sliced and diced, to achieve the one-time effect of slicing, shredding and dicing. Enhance the convenience of use by the industry. Small size does not take up space, suitable for any place, easy to clean.

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    Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition 2019
    12 Dec, 2019

    The Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supplies Exhibition is held once a year in China. There will be more than 4,000 enterprises and many participants warm discussed on site. Ming Chun develop new machines for you, welcome to join us.

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    Exhibitions of domestic and foreign in 2017 ~ 2018
    31 Dec, 2018
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Maximize Kitchen Efficiency: Explore Our Versatile Vegetable & Meat Bowl Choppers | MING CHUN

Located in Taiwan since 1998, MING CHUN MACHINERY LTD. specializes in high quality vegetable and meat processing machines, catering to B2B buyers. Their product range includes versatile slicing machines capable of slicing, shredding and dicing a wide variety of ingredients, vacuum meat tumblers for tenderizing and marinating meat, and a highly efficient vegetable and fruit dicing machine. Their product range is extensive and caters for various sectors such as school kitchens, canteens, restaurants and food processing factories.

Discover MING CHUN's top-of-the-line stainless steel multi-vegetable slicers, vacuum meat tumblers and high-speed dicers. Our advanced vegetable and meat processing equipment, including fruit dicers and bowl choppers, are designed for efficiency and precision. Ideal for restaurants, food factories, and commercial kitchens, our machines ensure safety, energy efficiency, and ease of operation. Tailored to meet diverse culinary needs, our cutting-edge technology streamlines food preparation and increases productivity. Trust MING CHUN for reliable, high quality food processing solutions that cater to global business buyers seeking bulk purchasing options.

MING CHUN has been offering customers high-quality commercial food processing equipmentt, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, MING CHUN ensures each customer's demands are met.