Vegetable Slicing Machine

Vegetable Slicing Machine

All-In-One Cutting Machine can be sliced, shredded, strips and dice with many kinds of ingredients.

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

Turn the meat up and down in the drum, roll, rub, and strike to tenderize and marinate.

Vegetable fruit dicing machine

Vegetable fruit dicing machine

High-efficiency dicing without burrs, which doubles the output.

Vegetable& meat bowl chopper

Vegetable& meat bowl chopper

High-speed rotary emulsification cutter for chopping and mixing with water or fillings.

Professional supply and design

We specially produce vegetable, fruit, and meat processing equipment machines.

Durable veg cutting machine

Time and labor saving, high durability, You must have Ming Chun cutting machines.

Excellent after-sales service

Easy operation and maintenance, Ming Chun will take good care of all your need.

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Large High Speed Dicer Machine Hot

Large High Speed Dicer Machine

High-speed dicer machine can quickly dice vegetables and fruits, widely used as a stand-alone machine.

Multi Veg Cutting Machine Hot

Multi Veg Cutting Machine

Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine can process leafy and rooting vegetables into sliced, shredded, diced(square).

Ex Large Leafy Vegetable Cutter Hot

Ex Large Leafy Vegetable Cutter

High Efficiency Leafy Vegetable Slicing Machine's production capacity is better than other similar model increasing 80%.